What We Do

Wealth Management Advisory – Family Office Services

We provide 360-degree highly personalized solutions to High-Net Worth Individuals (HNWI) in managing all aspects of your wealth, from planning and defining investment strategy to selecting your financial services providers and catering to your various needs.

Family office services are typically offered to families with bankable assets of more than US$10 Million. The aim is to assist the members of the family in the following, inter alia:

  • Oversee and manage multiple financial services providers from custodian banks to asset management firms, across multiple regions
  • Advise on asset allocation
  • Consolidate bankable and non-bankable assets with the aim of providing a single unified and customized reporting
  • Monitor consolidated performance
  • Scrutinize all investment proposals and check for suitability
  • Double check compliance and suitability status for additional safety
  • Keep account of the documentary paper trail with the providers
  • Negotiate fees, terms and conditions

… all with a view of maximizing your benefit from your financial services providers, and reduce the resources to be employed by you in managing your wealth. Broadgate’s family office services team is dedicated to maximize your benefits in a cost-efficient way. Our Services:

Financial Planning

Broadgate offers to assist High net worth families in assessing their financial needs and developing an investment policy that suits their specific needs and financial targets, taking into consideration sound rules of diversification across asset classes, markets, and managers. The firm offers solutions to help understand and monitor the risk inherent in your investments, and advise its clients on necessary portfolio adjustments.

Selecting and monitoring
of Financial Services

Broadgate has existing working relationships with the vast majority of the top tier global financial services providers and can assist high net worth clients to choose financial institutions that best fit their needs and negotiate favorable terms of business. In line with its strict no-conflict policy, Broadgate is strictly remunerated by its clients, and operates on a strict retrocession free basis.

Consolidated Reporting

Broadgate offers you a customized consolidated reporting of your assets, in a way that reflects views that are most relevant to your decision making. We can customize your reports from a simplified consolidated view along the criteria we help you to set, to a more comprehensive view with extensive risk measures and stress testing of your portfolio including measures of overall financial performance of the underlying accounts / managers, risk metrics and all relevant costs.

Arranging Debt

Broadgate offers to assist you with your financial borrowing needs. We maximize our clients’ efficiency in borrowing from financial institutions at competitive rates through running competitive processes on their behalf, and assist our clients in putting together their teams of consultants (tax, legal, other…) to arrange the required financing.

Wealth Planning

Broadgate offers to assist you in dealing with passing wealth to the next generation (succession planning), funding your causes (philanthropy), and identifying your financial targets and determining your risk profile all through a comprehensive solution to wealth planning. The company will leverage its network of international tax consultants, trust providers, legal counsels across jurisdictions and financial services providers to arm you with the best teams in place necessary to achieve your goals.